Have you ever thought (about)
who would benefit most from
your death?

If you are a loner without much
family, or you meet someone
who suddenly seems interested
in your finances for no apparent

You could become the victim of
life insurance fraud.
Philadelphia Weekly
Raymond Marc Zachry
March 5, 1960 -
September 25,  2007
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This site documents the mishandled case of
Raymond Marc Zachry who suddenly collapsed and
died September 25, 2007 in Montgomery County
Pennsylvania, in the town of Souderton.

Ray was attempting to get into his truck to go for
help, according to personal information, when he
became ill. He was found by a neighbor who called
emergency services.  

Local police officer, Kurt Scherzberg responded
within four minutes, according to local police report
and found Raymond Zachry "cool to the touch" and
without pulse.

The case was closed within 90 minutes.  No further
investigation.  The video by Ken Lang details the
information uncovered by investigation and report of
toxicologist, Dr. Woody Hartgrove.
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January 8, 2013:
Darlene Miller Zachry was incarcerated in
Montgomery County, PA to serve a term of 30 days to one year, a
$2,500, followed by 4 years supervised probation for forgery, perjury
and more. She was released after serving 25 days.

January 16, 2013:  
Annetta Frackman, (sister of Darlene Zachry) was
sentenced to 4 days in Montgomery County PA jail, and $500 fine.

January 17, 2013:
Lisa Werneke and husband, William 'Bill' Werneke
were both sentenced to 4 days in Montgomery County jail and $500

Their sentences are minimal,
Ray's sentence was life.

Darlene has shown no remorse for the crimes she was charged with, and no
response to our pleas for information regarding her whereabouts the day
Ray died and what she knows about the circumstances leading up to Ray's

Rather, Darlene reunited with her "former husband" and family, taking the
benefits she received from Ray's death, his assets, prized possessions, and
antiques he loved to share with the family she complained treated her so

Why Darlene, why won't you tell us what really happened to Ray?
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