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E-mail letter from Darlene, the grieving
widow, to her Mother-in-law one month
following the death of Raymond
-----Original Message-----
From: Darlene Miller []
Sent: Tuesday, October 30,2077  7:31 PM
To: Shirley Sanservino

Subject: Response

Dear Shirley,

It is very sad that my grieving and despair were perceived as my
choice not to converse during Ray's final arrangements. I had just lost
my best friend, the love of my life, and my future. All the hopes and
dreams Ray and I shared were just snatched from me as the
foundation of my life came tumbling down. I will not apologize for my
despair and grief nor will I apologize for following my husband's
wishes. His final wishes were about him and how he wanted his life
to be remembered-it was not about me or you, it was about him.
Friends and family helped me with the arrangements because I was
unable to function. They tried to get your input and Cathy's. It is very
sad that their efforts were met with verbal abuse and distain. I am very
happy for you that you were able to arrange the service that you
wanted with all the fan-fair and prestige. This was not Ray's wish. But
I know he would have been happy for you because it is what you
needed to do for your grieving. Had I been invited I would have been
there to show support for you. It saddens my heart that Ray's life
consisted of two distinct disconnected families as was obvious by the
lack of participation and closeness that was felt during his last
celebration of life. The sadness is due to what we could have all
shared about Ray, because I know that is what he would have liked. I
am so glad that his Uncle and Aunt were able to make
it ---I remember how sad and hurt Ray was when no one came to our
wedding. I know he was smiling as he was able to watch all his
friends and family show up to say good-bye.
It was wonderful to hear his co-workers speak so fondly of him and it
was amazing to feel the power of the prayers from people we had just
met. Ray was a very special individual full of love and caring. He
touched the lives of everyone he met and he had no idea how much
he was loved.
This last month has been pure hell as I try to glue my foundation back,
piece by piece, to some kind of normalcy---if that is even possible.
Although I feel his presence all around me as his warmth and love
continues to help me and give me strength, I am very aware
that I am also alone without the shoulders I have come to rely on. I
can still hear his laughter and his corny jokes. It is a great comfort to
know he is with me, and him and I will be together again someday.
God has chosen to call him home and I still find it very hard to accept
As far as the rest of your letter is concerned: I will
follow Ray's wishes but I will do it as I find the
strength to deal with it. If this does not agree with
your time line it is really not my concern. I know you
are grieving as well so I will not try to explain how I
feel except to say I am dealing with things as I can.
(emphasis added)

Dear Darlene,

It is unfortunate you chose not to converse with us during
a time when communication is so important.

I think you would have benefited, as we did, from the
outpouring of love and support from the network of
persons and organizations who came forward and
presented the benefits to the family Ray earned during
his service to his country.

However, there remains the family heirlooms from my
parents estate, such as the oak table and chairs, writing
desk (dressing table and mirrors), several blue crocks
and other items that were left to me by my family and
loaned to Ray with the understanding that they were to
stay in the family. I would like to make arrangements to
move them as soon as possible along with the additional
personal property I left with Ray on my last trip to visit him
in Conowingo. I would also like these items returned to me.

When you have time and care to talk to me, I am home in
Florida. The telephone number here is 352 - 637-3126. I
hope to hear from you soon.


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Thank you for your caring support through this difficult time.  We continually
hope  Montgomery County Pennsylvania District Attorney will finally investigate
the cause of death and provide some explanation and source of the poisons.
Ray Truck October 5, 2007 parked
where he was found by a neighbor
on September 25, 2007
Ray Truck appears in
Pennsylvania with PA
Full garbage can still there -
truck gone.
October 7, 2010

Darlene letter to Judge Stanley OTT explaining why she did
not have an attorney and apologizing for not being truthful in his
Select the following link to a letter Darlene wrote to the
judge of Montgomery County, PA  Orphans Court
Surrounded by more garbage
Ray Truck as I found it October
2, 2010  after Darlene
abandoned his home in
Darlene Zachry fetish for garbage.  Her latest address in Pennsylvania (174 Mt.
Hope School Road)  has been cited by
Providence Township for a garbage
accumulation violation in  their March 4, 2013 report.  ( township report below)