Souderton Police Report

Letter from Pete Richards, (Assistant to Pennsylvania Congressman Dent)

Letter to Montgomery County Pennsylvania Coroner requesting autopsy report  

My letter returned from Montgomery County Coroner office with handwritten note denying
copy of autopsy

Autopsy Report

NMS Laboratory toxicology report with elevated toxicology barium & selenium

Letter requesting missing Drug Scan Laboratory toxicology report

Drug Scan toxicology report with redacted toxicology report

Material Safety Data Sheet – Barium

Material Safety Data Sheet-Selenium

The Will

The Will as seen by document examiner

Correspondence from Darlene Zachry:  Email letter from Darlene Zachry (the widow of
Raymond Zachry to her Mother-in-law)

Letter to Judge Stanley Ott, Darlene Zachry a/k/a Zachery writes to Orpans Court Judge Stanley
Ott apologizing for “not being truthful in your court”

Orphans Court Appeal of Probate - December 3, 2009

Judge Ott  Opinion and Decree

Orphans Court – August 4, 2011

Court file of attorney Mark Himsworth: suing his former client Darlene Zachry for non-payment  
of fees and causing him material damages due to her perjury.  The Himsworth case also
included the witnesses in the Will challenge. This case has been suspended by Himsworth.

Letter to Montgomery County Commissioner requesting help:
Montgomery County Commissioner Bruce Castor, Jr letter

Letter from Montgomery County Coroner, Hofman confirming re-test of frozen tissue

Letter to Montgomery County Coroner Hofman requesting copy of re-test

Darlene is in jail, Montgomery County Pennsylvania criminal court docket sheet
This list refers to a partial list of requests for information,
test results, poison panel results and denial of assistance by
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

More will be posted as this is an on-going investigation by
the family of Raymond Marc Zachry.  

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may not be posted here.