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mistaken for heart attack and other normal cause deaths.
By Katherine Ramsland
The First Forensic Science

For many centuries, poisoning has been a popular method of murder.   One reason is that almost any natural
substance in the right dose can be poisonous, and many poisons mimic common medical diseases, leading
physicians to believe a victim died of natural causes.

Toxicology is important not just for an investigation in which foul play is suspected.   It is equally essential for
determining accidental deaths and suicides—and even for substance abuse while on the job.  A toxicologist may
be called on to test for anything from arsenic to poisoned gas to GHB to prescription drugs.

"The American Chemistry Society has said there are about 21 million registered compounds," says Dr. Robert
Middleberg of National Medical Services, the world's foremost independent toxicological testing laboratory,
which tests for more than 3,000 of those compounds. He suspects the number of poisonings each year are

Note:  National Medical Services (NMS Laboratory) is the facility that ran the poison panel in the         
autopsy of Raymond Zachry. The unidentified note handwritten on the Toxicology Report  cites Dr.
Robert Middleberg as telling the writer the test was a false positive.

While toxicologists need "symptoms, signs, and a good case history" to narrow down the diverse range of
possible substances suspected in a death, sometimes it becomes a matter of systematically eliminating them by
Autopsy report of Andrew Breitbart.
Autopsy report of Raymond Zachry
Additional pages  Raymond Zachry

The similarities in the autopsy reports of these men is striking.
1-  They were close in age
2-   Both suddenly collapsed and died while alone on a public street close
to                       home.
3-   Both had toxicology reports from NMS Laboratory in Pennsylvania.
4-   The coroner in both cases stated natural cause from sudden heart with
no                     prior heart symptoms or treatment.
1-  Zachry was in excellent physical health
2-  Weight was normal for his height
3-  Zachry was 72" tall
4-  Breitbart's weight was slightly overweight for his height
5-  Breitbart was three inches taller, or 75"
NEW STORY Developing:  Klysta Lanell Brashears 8.20.1969-2.19.2011
Police Report Here
Marie Robards, a Texas honor student stole barium from her high school science
laboratory, and put it into her father's dinner. She was upset because her mother and father
had separated, she only wanted to make him sick, she told investigators.  But, her actions  
murdered her father.