December 25, 1958 -

HISTORY and TIME LINE:        

Darlene M. (Repsch) Miller was born December 25, 1958 in Lancaster County, PA.  She continued to live
there and later worked as a school teacher.

August 13, 1976:  Darlene married Richard S. Miller, Jr.   They had five children together, 4 sons and one

Darlene worked as a teacher assistant in the local school system prior to qualifying as a special education
teacher. She continued her teaching career in Lancaster County, PA

1978:  Darlene and Richard S. Miller. Jr purchased property 144 Lindecamp Lane
Peach Bottom, PA

1994:  Richard S. Miller, Jr, executor of estate of Fred Yewel Roark, (Shirley Roark) inherited residence 494
Little Britain Church Road, Peach Bottom, PA.  The property was deeded to Richard S. Miller, Jr July 1995.

December 1995:  Richard S. Miller, Jr added wife Darlene to property deed.

September 1999:  Darlene and Richard S. Miller, Jr filed for divorce
The action was abandoned – no divorce granted.

November 1999:  Mortgage foreclosure action filed by EMC Mortgage Company vs.
Darlene M Miller and Richard S. Miller, Jr for default on mortgage on their property 144 Lindecamp Lane,
Peach Bottom, PA

February 2000:  Default Judgment entered against Darlene M Miller and Richard S. Miller, Jr in the amount of
$93,590.32 plus interest due on a mortgage on their Lindecamp Lane property

May 11, 2000: Notice of Sheriff Sale of property 144 Lindecamp Rd – Lancaster, PA

May 24, 2000:  Property sold and title transferred to sheriff of Lancaster County, PA

February 2001:  First Select, Inc. Civil Action CI-01-01495 - default

July 2001: Bankruptcy filed by Darlene

January 2003:  Darlene is deeded property located at 494 Little Britain Road, Peach Bottom, and PA and
secures a mortgage in the amount of $66,000. on the property

July 2003:  Divorce filed Darlene M Miller vs. Richard S. Miller, Jr

Fall 2003:  Darlene became acquainted with Raymond Marc Zachry

November 2003:  Divorce granted – 3301D 4-236 notice mailed

April 23, 2004:  Darlene secures a new mortgage on 494 Little Britain Road property in the amount of

2004:  Darlene begins to live at the Conowingo, MD home of Raymond Zachry
Darlene begins to study for a master’s degree in education
Darlene’s daughter Christa Miller moves into the home of Raymond Zachry
Christa enrolls in a study course for nursing assistant.  
Christa quits job with Burger King

May 2005:  Raymond and Darlene purchase an investment property 1045 Wabank Rd Lancaster, PA for
$90,000.  Raymond loaned Darlene money for closing costs from his income tax refund and the sale of a
camping trailer he has owned prior to Darlene. They had an understanding that Darlene would deed the
property in her name alone until Raymond’s divorce was finalized.  Then it would be deeded as a joint

2005:  Raymond Zachry divorce final

Darlene continues her study for administration in special education

February 21, 2006:  Darlene secures an open end mortgage $46,900 on her home 494 Little Britain Rd,
Peach Bottom, PA

2006:  March 17, 2006 Darlene Miller and Raymond Zachry are married in Raymond’s Conowingo home.  
The ceremony is officiated by Lisa Y Miller “minister”

Darlene qualifies for education administration employment and begins to apply in various locations for a
position of assistant principal.  

April 6, 2006: Email message from Darlene to Raymond’s Mother - Shirley Sanservino, explaining that she is
searching for a position as assistant principal “doesn’t know where they will end up” just that it will be a good

Summer 2006:  Darlene is hired by a special education school in Harford County, Md.  She was to be an
administrator/instructor, according to Darlene. She started her new position prior to the start of the school
year.   Quickly she was dissatisfied with the new school, the staff and the work.  She continues her search for
a better situation.

Fall 2006:  Darlene located an employment opportunity with a small charter school in Fairless Hills, PA.

January 2007:  Darlene begins her new position as assistant principal at Center For Student Learning in
Fairless Hills, PA.  Raymond helps her find an apartment near West Chester.  She spends work days in PA
and returns to Raymond’s home in Conowingo, MD on weekends.  Raymond spends his weekdays off in PA
and volunteers at the charter school.

Spring 2007:  Darlene claims she had been contacted by another school in Bucks County, Pa who offers her
a better position with a better salary.  She accepts the offer.

Following Easter break, Darlene started her new position with Pennridge High School.
Soon, Darlene begins to insist Raymond find work in PA.  She told the family that she didn’t care what kind of
work he could find “just do anything” so that she did not have to be alone.

March 2007:  Raymond is hired by Vertis Communication in Chalfont, PA and begins work in April.

March 25, 2007:  Last day of work for Raymond at American Color in Belcamp, MD

May 25, 2007:  Raymond and Darlene sign closing documents on their house in Souderton, PA and begin to
move furnishings from the apartment and some from Raymond’s Conowingo home to Souderton.  They shop
for additional furniture and accessories in the surrounding area.

July 2007:  Raymond becomes ill and visits a doctor in the area.  Diagnosed as sinus infection and
prescribed medication.

August 2007:  Raymond’s symptoms do not improve – only increase in intensity. He complains to his family of
nausea, headache and dizziness.  He told his Mother during phone conversations in August and early
September that the doctor did not seem to be able to find any reason for his illness and he “guessed he
would have to learn to live with it”.

September 25, 2007:  Raymond was found lying partially under his truck, dead at 11:50 AM by local police.

Darlene was called on her cell phone by the responding officer and told to come home, she refused and
continued on to her work place.  

Explanation; she was attending a work related meeting of an IU22 group.  A local group of career education
professionals from Bucks County, PA.

She would later say during testimony on December 3, 2009 that this was her first day of work at Pennridge
High School.  
Raymond Marc Zachry
March 5, 1960 - September 25, 2007

We will never forget, we will never give up
until we have solved the mystery of the
source for the two lethal chemicals that
were listed in Ray's toxicology during

Barium and selenium are both lethal
according to CDC reports

Ray’s story:
Raymond Marc Zachry worked as a printing press operator at American Color Graphics in Belcamp, MD for
18 years; lived in Conowingo Maryland and divorced from his wife of nearly 20 years in 2005. It was then he
met Darlene Miller, a school teacher from Little Britain, PA in 2004.  They were married March 2006.

Ray, as he is known by his family and friends, helped Darlene work for and attain a master’s degree in
education, then qualify for administration.  She was hired by a school Center for Student Learning as a vice
principal in January 2007, and soon after she was recruited and hired as special education supervisor by
Pennridge High School in northern Bucks County Pennsylvania.

That was the beginning of the tragic story of the final 184 days of Ray's life.

Ray soon found a position with a printing company, Vertis Communication Company that was closer to the
location of his new wife's employment.  His last day of work at Belcamp, MD was March 25, 2007. He started
at the new company the beginning of April 2007.

Ray and Darlene purchased a house in Souderton Pennsylvania May 25, 2007. Their plan was to keep Ray’
s home in Conowingo Maryland that was much larger and accommodated his extensive collection of antique
toys, coin collection, and work shop tools both wood working and mechanical. Darlene's daughter, Christa
Miller was to continue living at Ray's home in Conowingo. Christa was attending nursing school close by.

Life was good for the couple. Ray talked regularly with his mother, Shirley Sanservino who was living in
Inverness, Florida and shared his enthusiasm for his new job and work on the house, glad to be out of the
apartment the couple shared in West Chester, PA before finding the house in Souderton.

In July 2007 Ray began to feel dizzy, head ache, neck pain and nausea and was taken from work to a
doctor that was close by.  Dr. O’Connor treated Ray for a sinus infection.  But, the vertigo did not improve.
He missed three day’s work and was talking with his mother about his concern for how he would “live with
the condition”. He must work to pay the bills Ray told his mother the expenses were more than he had

In August, Ray’s symptoms became worse.  He was talking with his mother regularly, she asked if she
should come up and take him to his former doctor in Maryland.  Ray said he didn't’t think that would help, he
had the opinion that it may be a permanent condition.

Ray and his Mother continued their frequent telephone conversations.  In mid September Ray was telling
his mother he was so ill that he did not see how he could continue working with the dizziness; then suddenly
left the telephone with his wife, saying talk to her....he never came back to the telephone.  

Darlene told her mother-in-law. “He is having a difficult time right now, but it will be OK soon”.  Asked what
was happening, she said there had been a brain scan and nothing was discovered – but it would be all right

Following this strange conversation, and left Ray’s mother feeling as if there was something she should do,
but what???

The following Tuesday, September 25, 2007 her son Ray was discovered by a neighbor leaning into his
truck “as if he was sweeping it out,” but when she called to him, “are you okay”, he did not respond.

The neighbor thinking something was wrong, called emergency responders to report the incident around
noon on September 25, 2007, according to facts discovered in Ray’s family investigation.  

Souderton Police story:
Within minutes of the 911 call, Officer Kurt Scherzberg of the Souderton Police Department was on the
scene at 138 Franklin Avenue and discovered Mr. Zachry “as reported”.

Officer Scherzberg writes in his police report:  “I checked the subject and found no pulse and he was cool to
the touch.  I contacted the subject’s wife and
requested she return home”.  

According to the two-page police report:

The call to 911 was received 11:49 AM. Officer Scherzberg was on the scene at 11:53 AM.  
The case was cleared 13:38.  
The incident was classified as 4510 Deaths – Unattended.  

Montgomery County coroner’s office was called and pronounced Raymond Zachry dead at 12:20 PM. They
sent a local funeral director to pick up Mr. Zachry’s body and deliver it to Norristown, PA to the coroner’s

The complete investigation took less than 2 hours – case closed.     

Shirley remembers she received a telephone call from her daughter-in- law, Darlene Zachry around 2:30 on
Tuesday September 25, 2007. A call every mother dreads......

She lived in Inverness, Florida; a 1,000 mile drive to where her daughter, Ray Zachry’s sister, Katharine
Mackie lived in Fair Hill, Maryland.

Darlene‘s story:
Darlene called to tell Ray’s mother her son had “collapsed today, and no he wasn’t in a hospital, he was
dead, the coroner took him away”, she continued when her mother-in-law refused to believe her son was

Darlene quickly added that she was at a meeting that morning and was returning to work when she received
a call on her cell phone.  

“It was from a police officer, he told me I should come home.  I told him I couldn’t I had to go to work.  He
asked me if I was driving and I told him ‘yes I was’ – he then told me to pull over and tell him when I was off
the highway. I did as he told me.  It was there, on the side of the road that he told me Ray had died”,
Darlene told her shocked mother-in-law.

Ray’s mom story:
Shirley told Darlene she would be on her way as soon as possible, but it would be tomorrow since her
husband was at the cardiologist having a stress test.  She asked Darlene if she and her husband could stay
at Ray’s home in Conowingo.

Darlene answered, “Yes, anywhere you want, you can come here (to Pennsylvania) I don’t want to be

Shirley asked that Darlene allow her son to be placed at the family burial lots in an Aldino cemetery veteran
section, beside his grandparents, “It is all paid for”, she quickly added before Darlene replied, “Oh, I am not
thinking there yet” and ended the telephone call.

Shirley called her daughter Kathy, telling her she was confused. She thought she had just talked to
Darlene, but if what she told her was true, something dreadful has happened.

“What did she tell you Mom”, Kathy asked.

"She said Ray has died”! Shirley told her daughter.

“I’m calling Darlene,” Kathy replied.  

Within a few minutes Kathy called her mother back.  She was crying.  She too had been told the same story
by Darlene. Darlene also told Kathy there would be an autopsy the next morning and she would let her
know the result.

Our worst nightmare was true.

An autopsy was done the next morning.  A preliminary death certificate was furnished to a funeral director
Ray’s widow had chosen in Forest Hill, MD.  The preliminary death certificate gave permission for cremation
of the body.  

Ray was cremated the day following his viewing; October 1, 2007.

Darlene refused any further contact with her mother-in-law, or Ray’s sister Kathy.  A woman who claimed to
be a “spokesperson for Darlene and a minister” informed the family that she was handling the
arrangements with the funeral home.  When asked to have the military portion of the funeral by the
American Legion, the spokesperson, Lisa Miller-Werneke responded, “I don’t know about that”.

Saying good bye:
Ray’s family came to say good bye; from Florida, North Carolina, Philadelphia, New Jersey and local to
Maryland.  Friends who were as shocked as our family, co-workers from American Color Graphics poured
into the viewing room, each expressing their disbelief that anyone as healthy as Ray could have died so

Still in shock the family and friends stayed close by Ray’s mother – Darlene and her family did not approach
or speak to anyone from Ray’s family until after the military flag ceremony was concluded and the flag that
had been draped on the end of Ray's casket was folded by a US Air Force representative; TAPS played
from a recorder in the foyer by a US Army service member. Then, as protocol dictates the Air Force Service
member walked to Darlene and presented the flag to her and recited the ceremonial statement.  

 “On behalf of the President of the United States, the Department of the Air Force, and a
 grateful nation, we offer this flag for the faithful and dedicated service of Sergeant
 Raymond Marc Zachry. God bless you and this family, and God bless the United
 States of America”.

Ray’s mother and family were standing with their hand over their heart; some veterans saluted the flag and
remained at attention during the presentation and as Darlene accepted the flag.

Then, everyone watched in astonishment as Darlene immediately turned and walked to Ray’s mother -  
handed Ray’s flag to her, saying “Here, he would want you to have this”.  

Darlene then turned and walked back to her place in the corner where she had remained throughout the

The brief memorial service came to an end and it was time to leave.  It was still so surreal.  Ray’s mother
said she felt as if they were attending a badly scripted stage play.  “It would end, Ray would get up from the
coffin and we would all leave together”, she told her sister, Bert Giles.

But that could not happen....and reality began to descend upon the gathered mourners.

It was then that Ray’s mother made one last trip to her son's coffin.  She turned to Fabio, Ray’s stepfather
and asked if he noticed the huge bruise on the left side of Ray’s forehead; then they noticed Ray’s nose
was off center with a huge bruise on the left side.

Shirley raised her son's hair that had been combed to cover his forehead and saw that he had very little
hair on the front of his head. Ray had always had wavy hair and kept it well groomed. It was now straight
and combed down over his forehead as if to hide the wound.

Fabio went to a friend and asked that he take a look – he also was startled at the wounds.

It was time to leave.

Reluctantly our family began to make our way to the foyer of the funeral chapel.  Ray’s sister, Kathy
Mackie,  her son Edgar and the cousins began to gather the flower arrangements and funeral sprays to
take to their grandparent’s grave at Aldino Memorial Gardens where a private family memorial service would
be held the next day.

Monday, October 1: the day Ray was scheduled for cremation according to a funeral home attendant.

 "We had come to honor and say good bye to our son and friend.  And,witnessed the greatest           
  display of disregard ever for a deceased"  a family members declared.
Raymond lived his entire 47 years in Harford and Cecil County Maryland the exception, was four years when
he served in US Air Force.

August 1982: After completing his military obligation, Raymond returned to his Cecil County home in
Perryville, MD.

September 2, 1983: Raymond married his fiancée, Janet Wilkinson of Bel Air, MD.

September 1986:  Raymond and Janet Wilkinson Zachry purchased their first home – 609 Legion Drive,
Havre de Grace, MD

November 1989:  Raymond and Janet sold their home in Have de Grace, MD and purchased a larger home
1986 Dr Jack Road in the country near Conowingo, MD

Most of his career Raymond worked as a Pressman for American Color Graphics a commercial printing
company in Belcamp, Maryland.  He worked for this company 18 years.  Janet managed a beauty shop, Hair
Design in Bel Air, MD, she and Raymond owned together. They were successful, financially secure and
enjoyed an active life style. They had no children, but loved dogs and usually had two or three large dogs
they raised from puppies, that were trained, well behaved and cared for.    Raymond and Janet participated
in dog shows with their two Rottweilers. Both enjoyed travel, camping, water sports, hiking and entertaining
their friends.

December 2001:  Janet moved from their Conowingo home and initiated divorce proceedings.  Raymond
kept the home he loved in Conowingo and continued his active lifestyle; hiking, skiing and trail biking and
frequently visited his extended family in NC and attended family reunions when the  family gathered in NC
each Easter. Raymond was always conscious of his diet and continued a healthy lifestyle while living alone.
His only health problem was hypoglycemia, which he controlled with diet and exercise - and asthma
controlled with medication.

May 2003:  Ray purchased Janet’s interest in the Conowingo home after she indicated no interest in the
property and wanted to continue with the divorce proceedings.

Fall 2003:  Raymond met Darlene Miller, who represented herself as a divorced woman and Pennsylvania
school teacher from Little Britain, Pa.  They dated regularly for several months. Raymond took her on his
next visit to NC in the early fall of 2003.

July 2003:  Darlene again filed for divorce from her husband.  

November 2003:  Divorce granted in the case of Darlene M Miller vs. Richard S Miller

April 2004:  The annual Easter Ratledge family reunion was held at Tanglewood Conference Center in NC.  
Raymond brought Darlene as his guest and introduced her to the family.

Darlene began to stay over at Raymond’s home in Conowingo.  Her daughter Christa came to stay with them
gave up her job at Burger King and started a training course for nursing assistant.

Raymond started to repair Darlene’s former home 494 Little Britain Road, Peach Bottom, Pennsylvania so
that it could be rented for additional income for her. Everything appeared as if they had a happy home life
and seemed totally devoted to each other.

Raymond and Darlene bought an investment property in Pennsylvania that was to be deeded in Darlene’s
name until Raymond’s divorce was final.  Ray loaned money to Darlene for the down payment and closing
costs. The transaction was completed. Work on the property started and it was rented to cover expenses.

Easter 2005:  Raymond and Darlene went to Smokey Mountain for Easter break.

June 2005:  Raymond and Janet’s divorce was final.  

Soon after his divorce became final Raymond called his Mother and stepfather, Fabio in Florida for one of
his routine friendly chats that we enjoyed so much.  This time he talked to Fabio first and asked what he
thought of marrying someone with a ready made, grown family. Fabio remembers their conversation as
Raymond voiced a concern for acquiring a ready made family of Darlene’s four sons and one daughter
when he had no children.

When it was time for conversation with Mom, Ray explained his concern for Darlene’s children and the fact
that Darlene was expecting a part interest in his home in Maryland.  He said he was afraid he would have to
buy it back again some day if something should happen to her (she was 2 years older than Ray) and he had
to deal with her five children, or perhaps a divorce. He said he couldn’t afford to buy everything back again.  
After discussing several options, it was mentioned that perhaps a fair solution would be for her to keep her
house in PA deeded in her name only for her children and his home in Maryland remain deeded to himself,
that arrangement would accommodate a secure future for both of them and her children.  He seemed to
agree – but said he was not too anxious to jump into marriage again – especially so soon.  When pressed
for why the rush, his reply was Darlene was telling him he had led her on to believe they would marry as
soon as his divorce was final.  Mother echoed the advice from Fabio that he should carefully follow his heart
but there was no immediate need to rush into anything.

They continued to live in his Maryland home and Darlene began to study for a master’s degree in education.
She was successful and everyone congratulated her on her achievement.

Darlene continued her study in education so she could qualify for administration.  She said she wanted a
position as a principal or assistant principal.  Again Darlene was successful and passed her qualifying test.

March 2006:  Raymond and Darlene were married at Raymond’s Maryland home.  The ceremony was
performed by a “minister” Lisa Y. Miller.

Raymond and Darlene left for a wedding trip to New Mexico.

According to an email from Darlene in April, she was looking for a job as an administrator “anywhere” she
could find one in a school system.  She said she did not know where they may end up.

April 2006:  Raymond, Darlene, Christa (Darlene’s daughter) and a friend of Christa came to Florida to
spend Easter with Ray’s Mother and Dad.

Summer 2006: Darlene was hired by a small school in Harford County, MD.  She started her new position
during the summer recess to acquaint herself with the school and program. Soon Darlene was unhappy with
the work and said she was not tenured in Maryland – only Pennsylvania, the administration did not give her
the position she was promised - she began looking for another position, in Pennsylvania.

Late 2006:  Darlene found a position as Assistant Principal at a Charter School, Center For Student
Learning, in Fairless Hills, PA.  She started her new position after Christmas break, January 2007.

Raymond helped Darlene find an apartment near West Chester, PA for her ease in commuting to work
during the week.  Ray would stay there on his days off, and often commute the 2 hour trip to be with her
when he worked day shift.

Spring Break – Darlene had been accepted in a position at another Pennsylvania school; Pennridge High
School in Bucks County, PA.

Darlene began to insist Ray find work – any work closer to her new job.  She insisted her new position would
increase her pay enough that he could “just do anything” so she did not have to be alone.

March 2007: Ray did find work in a printing company, Vertis Communication close to the area Darlene would
be working. He stepped down from supervision to press mechanic and seemed content with the new
employment opportunity.

March 25, 2007: Raymond resigned from American Color Graphics in Belcamp, MD

April 11, 2007: (week of) Ray started as a Press Mechanic at Vertis American Communications in Chalfont,
PA.  Raymond commuted from an apartment near West Chester, PA and returned to his Conowingo, MD
home on weekends and days off to care for his home.  He worked 12 hour shifts, 7 PM until 7 AM
Wednesday – Saturday; Wednesday – Friday the following week.  Often he would work extra hours or days
while searching for a suitable residence closer to his new employment.

May 25, 2007:  Raymond and Darlene closed on a house in Souderton, PA and proceeded to move from the
apartment to that house.  Raymond moved some of his furnishings and personal property from his
Conowingo home to Pennsylvania, leaving his personal collection of antiques, computer and much of his
vast collection of  antique toy trucks, cars and airplanes in his Conowingo home.  He planned to keep this
property as his home and his new wife Darlene’s daughter Christa Miller would be living there while
completing nursing school.

Raymond and Darlene seemed content with their new life in Pennsylvania for a few months.  Then Raymond
became ill in mid July and needed to see a physician.  He went to a local doctor since it was much too far to
see his prior physician near Willow Valley, PA.  He was diagnosed with sinus problems and prescribed
medications.  He did not improve over several weeks, and discussing his health problems remarked to his
Mother that he may just have to learn to live with it; however he added that it was hard to work with the
dizziness, headaches and pain in his neck and back of his head and was hoping it would get better soon.  

September 25, 2007:  Raymond was discovered by a neighbor while walking in his neighborhood.  According
to Souderton Police Report he was lying partially under his truck, and when he did not respond to the
neighbor when she called to him, she called emergency responders who reported to the address of his
Souderton house.

The Souderton Police report states the officer found him as reported with no pulse and cool to the touch.  It
also states Darlene was called on her cell phone told to come home; she refused.  She was driving in her
car and told Officer Scherzberg, she had just left home and continued on to work.

The police report indicates the officer asked Darlene to “return home”.
March 5, 1960 – September 25, 2007

11:45 AM a call to 911 by a neighbor of Raymond Marc Zachry.  He was discovered lying partially under his
truck parked at the curb of his house 134 Franklin Avenue, Souderton, PA.
Souderton Police Report

The police report offered little detail regarding the circumstances that led up to 11:45 AM on that Tuesday,
September 25, 2007. Six sentences, 76 words; one hour and 49 minutes later, it was CASE CLOSED – NO

As the family of Raymond Zachry attempted to find answers to the many glaring omissions in the police report
they discovered a complacent, defensive – I already know-it-all and don’t need to ask questions attitude from
local and county law enforcement.  They were disinterested in family concerns or information they could
provide that might factor into a different conclusion in the case; a different diagnosis than their street side
evaluation “he died from a heart attack”.  The family did not know that CASE CLOSED would mean it would
take congressional intervention to be taken seriously.  Then, they were penalized and diminished for taking
that option and enlisting the aid of their Florida congresswoman Brown-Waite.

The U. S. Department of Justice and National Institute of Justice under the direction of Janet Reno, U. S.
Attorney General published a research report in November 1999, DEATH INVESTIGATION - A guide for the
Scene Investigator that established guidelines for investigating a death scene. Montgomery County, PA
medical examiner, Dr. Halbert E.Fillinger,Jr a forensic pathologist and then coroner of Montgomery County
participated in the study and one of 17 professionals whose commentary is published in the document.  

Dr. Fillinger,Jr in his commentary on page XVI details his concern for the lack of established death
investigation guidelines for “colleagues in the field” and pledged his support for incorporating the guidelines
developed by the commission into a “mandatory training program for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania”.  

Had local jurisdiction followed any of the recommendations of the National Medicolegal Review Panel, and
local requirements for collecting evidence (page 21, DEATH INVESTIGATION) many errors and preposterous
claims as to how the toxicology report could have been influenced would never happen.  

  1. There would not be conflicting toxicology in the coroner’s reports.  
  2. There would be photographs from the scene to document how the head wounds happened
  3. There would be body fluid samples to compare with autopsy samples.
  4. Over a year later, we would not be attempting to re-establish this scene from deficient public records
    and memory of complacent public employees. (Now nearly 5 years later)
  5. We would know the identification and time the unidentified person reportedly spoke to Raymond that
  6. We would know who saw Raymond polishing his truck 15 – 20 minutes prior (Autopsy Report.)
  7. We would know the last person to see Raymond alive
  8. We would know the source of the chemicals in his blood
  9. We would know why Darlene Miller Zachry refused to “return home”
  10. We would know where she was that morning; why she was not at work
  11. Previous medical records would have been collected and they would indicate if Raymond had a history
    of heart disease – or was at risk for developing a coronary episode.
  12. It would not have been months, years of emotional and financial burden for Raymond’s family
    investigating the incident.

Some of these circumstances could be a result of internal chaos within the coroner’s office due to the election
of a new coroner and subsequent follow up by the newly elected coroner.  It doesn’t excuse or explain the
complete disregard for hazardous chemical exposure, ignoring reporting requirements and misrepresenting
test results to the family of the victim.

Similar case history files repeat this story and similar circumstances to those pointed out here - further
validating Dr. Fillinger’s opinion of lack of trained people in the field, and new people not receiving appropriate
training in sudden, unexplained or unattended death investigation.

Negligence is more apparent as additional circumstances come to light in our case.  It is hopeful that
somewhere in Montgomery County a concerned person will accept responsibility and carry out the duties of
their office before a similar situation occurs.  
                           BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Coroner and/or Medical Examiner is a political position within a county or jurisdiction.  They are
either elected by voters or appointed by another politician in the jurisdiction.
There is no oversight or regulation of the office of Coroner or Medical Examiner.
Coroner's required qualification is a high school diploma and residency.  Medical Examiners are
usually a medical doctor.

Please visit and sign our petition to Regulate Coroners and Medical Examiners HERE