Second Opinion Toxicology Report

On the cover page of the autopsy there is a list of
documents that should be a part of the Coroner's Report.  
However I did not receive all these documents with the
report that was sent to attorney Norman Wilson, Esq of
Elkton, MD.  He made several telephone calls and wrote a
letter asking that "all the documents be sent to him".

Mr. Wilson received one more page.  This page was a
toxicology report from another laboratory, Drugscan
Laboratory of Warminster, PA.  The report listed only
barium, and at a much reduced amount.

Then, another autopsy report surfaced with an additional
fax letter and the original Drugscan Report - but this
report had a different amount for barium.

This report is addressed to:
Jeanne M. Ottinger, RN, Esq.
Montgomery County Coroner.  

Suzanne Hoffman
Drugscan Laboratory

The fax cover letter contains another unsigned note:
" P.S.Sorry for any confusion"

This second Coroner's report was addressed to the
personal physician of Raymond's sister, Kathy Mackie.

Due to concerns for a possible genetic link to the sudden
heart attack, her doctor thought it best to look into the
report and requested a copy.

And, the request by family attorney Norman Wilson, Esq
for a copy was still ignored.

NOTE:  Longevity is common in the family and this is the
first death from heart attack at Ray's age in any

Grandparents lived into their 80's; great grandparents and
uncles/aunts lived into 90's and one uncle was recognized
for having passed his 100th birthday.

It was of concern for all the family, especially the present
generation in the same age range as Ray.
First Drugscan Report
Norman Wilson Esq.first request for all documents
My letter requesting missing Drugscan Report
To view the documents select the title - more will be available
soon.....please check back
Altered Drugscan Report-same case
Coroner index page with mysterious note on report